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Tra Su mangrove forest

Coming to Tra Su mangrove forest, we will enjoy the fresh air and green melaleuca (cajeput) tree, where typical ecosystems in the western floodplain of Hau River. A boat trip to TraSu will surely create a special impression and experience to all of us.

We will take a boat cruise to visit the melaleuca forest, occasionally, we will encounter bold birds parked right trunk, lilies, lotus flowers or on the hyacin. . Tra Su mangrove forests are most beautiful in flood season, starting from September every year.

From Nha Bang town of Tinh Bien district, we take the provincial road 948 to Bung Tien bridge at Km 6, turn left and continue to follow a paved road about 4 km long to Tra Su mangrove forest. Here, we take a motorized boat to visit the mangrove forest.

With an area of ​​nearly 850 hectares, most of the species in Tra Su mangrove forest is melaleuca (over 10 years old, 5 to 8 meters high). In addition, it is home to many animal and plant species. According to the information on VNAT website, we have here:

– 70 species of birds belonging to 13 families and 31 families, of which 2 species of rare birds listed in the Red Book of Vietnam are Mycteria leucocephala and Anhinga melanogaster.

-11 species of animals in 4 sets and 6 families. The species with the highest number of species are rodents (4 species) and bats (15 species), of which rare short-eared bat species have been recorded in the Red Book of Vietnam.

-25 species of reptiles and amphibians, including 2 sets, 10 families, including cobras, snakes.

-10 species of fish throughout the year and 13 species of fish be seen only in the flood season.

Tra Su mangrove forests are also a gathering place of 140 plant species belonging to 52 families and 102 genera, including 22 species of trees, 25 species of shrubs, 10 species of vines, 70 species of grass. 13 aquatic species, 11 species of habitat, 78 species of medicinal plants and 22 species of bonsai, etc.

According to a survey conducted by Bird Life International and the Institute of Ecology and Biological Resources, Tra Su mangrove forests are considered to be of international importance for wetland conservation in the Mekong Delta.

Trip to Tra Su mangrove forest : Mekong delta tour 3 days

TraSu mangrove forest boat trip - Mekong delta tour Vietnam