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“We try our best to make your trip to VietNam enjoyable, memorable and problem free. Imagine the pleasure of waking up every day not knowing exactly what will happen, but knowing you’ll enjoy it.”
Sinhbalo Team now includes experienced staff & tour guides and drivers who have been travelling around Vietnam, China, Laos, Cambodia and Myanmar: Loan, Mai, Tam, Phuong, Tram, Nghi Le, Hoan, Nam, Thanh, Minh, Tuan Trieu, Cuong, Manh Hai, Ut, Chi Cong, Xuan Le, Tan Phuc, Dam Anh, Thai Lam, Quoc Viet, Dat Thang, Phuoc Dien, Nhan, Trieu, Tuan Anh, Anh Bay, Anh Long, Vu, and other co-operation guides.

Tour Leader and Sinhbalo Founder:
Sinh – the founder of Sinhbalo

Ho Chi Minh City native Le Van Sinh left his first career, that of mechanical engineer, in order to pursue his twin loves of tourism and bicycling. Sinh founded the “Sinh Cafe, Vietnam’s first tourism-oriented cafe, in September 1992. Although he has lost control of the business, it is still the most famous destination in Vietnam for travelers in search of travel advice and reservations.

This was just the start of Sinh’s accomplishments. Sinh also initiated the now-famous day trips to the BenTre and Cai Be floating markets, introduced the first three-day Mekong trip geared towards independent travellers, designed the first trip to the North’s BaBe National Park and the first trek in the Sapa area. He went on to initiate the first “Open Tour” bus system. which allows visitors to take in a wide range of destinations by purchasing a single ticket which is valid for many stops. He went on to initiated many innovative adventure (hiking, trekking, kayaking, and cycling) trips to Laos, Myanmar, Cambodia, Mekong Delta, in Vietnam’s Central Highlands, along the Ho Chi Minh Trail and into Vietnam’s wild Northwest.

He also drew many of the maps for the first Lonely Planet Vietnam travel guides, and Lonely Planet has recommended him for more than a decade now. While many have used his name for their own gain, accept no substitutes: there is only one real Sinh and you can find him at SinhBalo!

(Harry S. Pariser. San Francisco)