Viet Nam with its new open policy, its exquisitely beautiful scenery and its 4,000 years of glorious history is one of the most attractive tourists destinations in the world. There is always something to do and someone to help you. This small country has suffered much in its thousand year struggle for independence. Now through its government’s careful policies and the energy and determination of its people, Vietnam is becoming a major new market and economic force.

Experience both the buzzing energy of a revitalized Saigon and a countryside where the customs and the pace of life have not changed for hundreds of years. Travel to Ha Noi the charming capital with its numerous lakes and elegant buildings.

Enjoy Viet Nam’s rich history in its temples and pagodas, the natural beauty of the Mekong Delta with its floating markets and natural waterways, the Truong Son mountains that stretch the length of the country, the wonder of Ha Long bay with its spectacular 3000 islands and 3,260 km of coastline with numerous, secluded, palm-fringed, white sand beaches.

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