DaLat flower garden

Cat Tien National Park to DaLat and NhaTrang 4 days

Explore the biodiversity in Cat Tien National Park, walk around DaLat beautiful landscape, then going down the mountain to famous Vietnam beaches NhaTrang. Tour Code: SBL16A

Day 1: Saigon – Cat Tien National Park(Lunch, dinner).

08:00 We leave by car Cat Tien National Park (150km, 3hours), with a short rest stop in DauGiay. We slowly gain in altitude as we approach DinhQuan volcanic area. There are quite many volcano craters around DinhQuan, dated back to Jura and Kreta era about 100 million to 65 million years ago.
Upon arrival Cat Tien national park, we cross the Dong Nai river and head to the park’s administration building. 12:00 checking in, we have lunch break. 14:00 We begin an 5-km hike along the nature trail where we will see many gigantic trees before returning to the administration building. What kind of trees on this trail ? There are Lagerstroemia Ovalfolia (BangLang), Tetrameles nudiflora (Tung), Cycas rumphii (Thien Tue), Ancistrolandus tectorius (Trung quan), Afzelia cyclocarpa (Go). Then we head back to the park center for relaxing, soft drink at the riverside hut. Or you may choose a short cycling ~ 12km inside the park area. Please check with our guide for arranging the bicycle.

18:30 A jeep transport us to the TaLai buffer zone for a night site where we may spot tree shrews, civets, mouse deer, wild boars, and pygmy loris.
20:00 Back into guesthouse for dinner. Overnight in Cat tien park (very basic guesthouse) or in Cat Tien farm stay, a nice setting room in garden.

Note: There is a luxury Cat Tien Jungle Lodge just at the other side of Dong Nai river, and the standard CatTien Farm stay about 1.5km from the park center. Please let us know if you would like to stay here.

Day 2: Cat Tien National Park to Da Lat (Breakfast, lunch)

The types of Cat Tien terrain alternating pools, marshes, streams systems, plus more than 90 km length of Dong Nai river has created unique landscapes with waterfalls and wetlands and semi-submerged … Especially the crocodile swamp (Bau Sau) area, a tourist attractions very interesting.
Our jeep transports us 9km to a junction, where we hike 5km to Crocodile Lake Station. You can paddle small sampan in crocodile lake for exploring the fresh water lake here. Following a short rest stop at the lake’s watch tower, we hike back to the main road and a jeep bring us back to our lodgings.

After we check out, we have lunch and then take the ferry across the river where we meet our transport for Da Lat. En route, you will see mulberry tea and coffee plantations along Highway 20. If time permits, we will visit a waterfalls before heading up and over mountain pass to Da Lat where we will overnight.

Day 3: Around Da Lat (Breakfast)

Da Lat is quite different from anywhere else you’ll visit in Vietnam. Known as the “City of Eternal Spring” for its distinctive temperate climate, Da Lat is blessed with lakes, waterfalls, evergreen pine forests and gardens. It remains a small charming city.
We spend the day sightseeing around the city. We visit HangNga (a hotel known as “Crazy house”, the BaoDai Summer Palace (where BaoDai vacationed), the Old French Cremaillere railway, the Dalat Flower Garden, the TrucLam Pagoda, the TuyenLam reservoir and other sights. Another option for this day would be to visit to Lat village and, from there, trek up LangBian mountain (2100m) at whose summit breathtaking views await, including great overviews of Dankia Lake as well as Dalat city. It’s a moderate five-hour hike up and back. We overnight in Da Lat.

Day 4: Da Lat to Nha Trang (Breakfast)

Last look around XuanHuong lake in Da Lat, we travel up to summit of HonGiao pass by local road 723. This local route connect Dalat to LacDuong district and Dien Khanh district of KhanhHoa province. Hon Giao mountain pass at 1,650m high, 33 km long. The pass goes through the rugged mountains, with many sharp turn, high cliffs and 300m depths to create the majestic scenery on either side. This route also passed Bidoup NuiBa national park – a diverse biological resources.
We go down hill to KhanhSon and keep on to Nha Trang where we overnight.

If time permitting, we will stop at the Ponagar Cham temple enroute. Ponagar temple was a great Hindu temple of Champa kingdom back into the 8th century, gradually adapted to local religion. The name “Po Nagar” is used to describe the whole structure, but actually it is the name of the largest tower 23 meters high. Above the main door is the shaped goddess Uma, wife of Shiva.There is a panorama view of NhaTrang beach from the temple. Our tour concludes at your hotel.

Tour price:

* 16,420,000 vnd (US$ 715) / person (group of 2 people)

* 13,250,000 vnd (US$ 575) / person (group of 3 people)

* 10,900,000 vnd (US$ 475) / person ( group of 4 to 8 people )

Single supplement: 2,070,000 vnd (US$ 90)

Services included:

* Entrance fees.
* Transport : A/c bus (cold drinking water supplied; Two 0.5L bottles per day per person).
*Guide: Experienced tour guide.
* Basic bungalow in CatTien or CatTien farm stay GH, Monet Garden Villa **** in Dalat with breakfast. Please let us know if you want to upgrade to Cat Tien jungle lodge.
* Two lunches and one dinner as referenced above.

Not included: Insurance, other meals, hotel in Nha Trang, personal expenses

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Photos below of hiking trip to the Crocodile swamp in Cat Tien park, Dalat and NhaTrang.

Varanidae - Cat Tien national park hiking
A varanidae on the way to Crocodile lake station – Cat Tien national park hiking.
Crocodile swamp - BauSau lake in Cat Tien national park
Boat rowing in Crocodile swamp – BauSau lake in Cat Tien national park
A giant Tung - Tetrameles nudiflora tree in Cat Tien national park
A giant Tung – Tetrameles nudiflora tree in Cat Tien national park
Dicaeidae bird in Cat Tien national park
Dicaeidae bird in Cat Tien national park
Lagerstroemia tree in Cat Tien national park
Lagerstroemia tree in Cat Tien national park
XuanHuong lake in DaLat - Central highlands Vietnam
XuanHuong lake in DaLat – Central highlands Vietnam
Outside view of DaLat crazy house
DaLat crazy house
A Gerbera garden (Asteraceae) in DaLat - central highlands
A Gerbera garden (Asteraceae) in DaLat
DaLat vegetable farms
DaLat vegetable farms
Hon Giao pass from NhaTrang to DaLat - central highlands
Hon Giao pass from NhaTrang to DaLat
Vietnam beaches NhaTrang
Vietnam beaches NhaTrang

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