Mekong Delta Tour

Enjoy the mighty Mekong Delta and find out the river life here with Sinhbalo Mekong Delta Tour.

What do you think about traveling by boat? If you had a wonderful time in Venice, you will find it again in Mekong Delta.

Mekong Delta Tours

Mekong Delta is a large area where the land and river merge. However, the special thing you can see here is that people can live on the shore or on the boat where they can rest and work for a living.

Escape from modern city with mall, super-market, crowd, traffic jam, come to Mekong Delta, you can find yourself, communicate to naive, friendly and sincere people, have a fresh meal with fish, pork, vegetables and special fruits on boat, learn delta traditional culture etc. All in Sinhbalo Mekong Delta Tour!

All in Sinhbalo Mekong Delta Tour!

Mekong Delta Tour – Enjoy a new life!

The Vietnamese know it as Song Me (“Mother River”) or the Song Cuu Long (“Nine Dragons River”). More universally, it is known as the Mekong. It’s the world’s tenth-longest river and Asia’s seventh longest. Its estimated length is 4,350 km (2,703 mi), and it divides into nine tributaries which meet the sea– thus the Vietnamese name “the Nine Dragons”. With Sinhbalo Mekong Delta Tour, you explore the life in the delta region, and a cruise down its slow, shimmering waterways provides a tremendous way to experience delta life. One advantage with selecting Sinhbalo Mekong Delta Tour is that our tours have been planned by a delta local, so we endeavor to put you in touch with the life the locals live as they live it.

Mekong Delta Tour – Enjoy a new life!

Mekong Delta Tour

Enjoy a new life!

Not does the river nourish, it also hosts the local markets!  One of our highlight in Mekong Delta Tour: A visit to Can Tho’s floating market will allow you to trade in the delta’s rich rice and fish stocks and to sample some of the lush fruit and vegetables unique to the area. The pace of delta life remains slow, and daily routines here have changed little over the centuries centuries. As you drift down its narrow waterways, the stresses of modern life will seem a world away.

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