Mekong Delta Cycling Tour

Would you like to avoid the conventional tourist routes – the ones that nearly all tourists go to? The ones that take you where everyone else goes? We can take you off the beaten track. Sinhbalo offers Mekong delta cycling tour through small roads and trails in Mekong villages.

Mekong Delta Cycling Tours

Picture above: cycling on single track from TraVinh town to TieuCan. Ride through the rice paddies of locals.

Mekong Delta Cycling Tours

About Mekong Delta

Mekong Delta is the southwest region of Vietnam which includes 14 provinces and 1 central city (Can Tho). It is well known as mixing river systems, including two large river separated from the mystery Mekong River: Tien river and Hau river.

Feature of Mekong Delta

Many Fruit Orchards, Floating market, natural waterways.

It can be said that the Mekong Delta is a land with the most delicious fruit trees in Vietnam. Covered by silt, the soil here is extremely suitable for the development of fruit trees, especially in each province, each different land will have typical fruit trees such as Cai Be – HoaLoc mango, LaiVung mandarin, Nam Roi grapefruit, Ben Tre coconut, An Giang jaggery (Palmyra palm) ,… People even tell joke “Come to the Mekong Delta without enjoying fruit as if you has not arrived here yet.”

Friendly and honest people

If you travel to Mekong Delta, you will be amazing by native’s hospitality and friendliness. They can invite you to have a meal with their family, provide a free overnight sleeping (except hostels, homestays, guesthouses, hotels or the same places) or help you on the road with whole enthusiasm.

Simple life

Life in the delta is extremely simple. People often wake up very early and start to do everyday tasks. They live, help each other and share the joys in life with neighbors after a hard day’s work. And when you come to the countryside, you will be surprised to wit almost locals go to bed at…7 or 8 p.m.

Many people live and trade in the boat
Picture above: local boat vendor buying taro, casava, potatoes, pumpkin and other fruit at NgaNam floating market in Mekong delta.

Some people make fishing scoop net

Some people make fishing scoop net
Some people make fishing scoop net

It is a good idea to register a tour to the Mekong Delta, away from the noise of the city. And even more special if you participate in an adventure tour of Sinhbalo, that is Mekong Delta Cycling Tour.

Mekong Delta Tour: Experience, Challenge and Difference

Participate in Mekong Delta Cycling Tour, you will have a different experience. Ride through paths, tracks, fields and sail boat will be an interesting activities. Now, let’s see what our Tour has!

Whether you are a cycling novice or an accomplished cyclist, we will tailor your trip to match your needs. We will welcome you on board our wooden boat for an extended cruise, take you cycling through fruit-laden orchards, allow you to cycle through remote villages that have rarely seen a foreigner. You will have an exhilarating experience visiting with locals and living life as they experience it. We can even take you paddling on sampan through natural waterways.

Mekong Delta Tour: Experience, Challenge and Difference

With our Mekong Delta Cycling Tour, you can even extend your trip, allowing you to visit Cambodia. You may take a speed boat five-hour voyage from Chau Doc to PhnomPenh, Cambodia capital city. (Your visa will be issued on arrival at the river border town of Kaoam Sam Nor; the cost will be 25 USD; you must have one photo). Alternatively, if you need a rest after your biking Mekong Delta trip, you might consider relaxing on a tranquil Cambodian beach in Kampot or Sihanoukville as an option. Our Mekong Delta Cycling Tour ends up in Ha Tien / Prek Chak border crossings. Then, you continue on to Kep, Kampot, and then on to Sihanoukville – where you will find a great beach, one eminently suited for relaxation. From here, you may venture on via ferry to Koh Kong –and from there overland to Thailand / Trat. Alternatively, you might continue onwards to Phnompenh and SiemReap (the location of the spectacular Angkor Wat ruins).

Mekong Delta Tour: Experience, Challenge and Difference

Mekong Delta Tour: Experience, Challenge and Difference

Visit Mekong Delta by bicycle, you will have a memorable and challenging trip. Now, contact us via hotline (84 28) 38376766 to book Mekong Delta Cycling Tour!

Mekong delta cycling tour NgaNam
BenTre TraVinh NgaNam 3D/2N
Cycling mekong delta in LongAn province
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